Constructivism on its way from the theory of cognition to the in. uence on pedagogical reflection, research and educational practice
Dr. Barica Marentič Požarnik

Summary:  The origin of constructivist ideas in teaching and learning can be traced to »epistemological turn« from purely objectivist views on knowledge to the conception of knowledge as individual/social construction. Teaching methods can not be directly deduced from constructivism, but some methods can more easily embody principles that help to construct knowledge with deeper understanding than others. This is illustrated by the example of the dialogue in teaching which can have features of more authoritative or truly dialogical discourse. Also in Slovenia, we can trace a number of research studies, based on constructivist principles, but also some dilemmas and controversial views exist that need to be commented upon. The development has to go through the process of negotiation of dilemmas at different levels – at the level of (individual) understanding and also at the level of school and general culture.

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