System regulation of adult education
Dr. Sabina Jelenc Krašovec and dr. Sonja Kump

Summary:  This article derives from the assessment of the situation in the fi eld of adult education regulation, based on the existent research and the various policy documents. Authors analyze the development and changes that have occurred in the fi eld of adult education in the past fi fteen years. They assess the situation of adult education in Slovenia in terms of the proposed system of measures, in particular, how to exercise on six key areas, namely: placement in the entire system of education, law, management, fi nance, network and the programs and infrastructure. Contribution culminate with the conclusion that in recent years there has been no noticeable change in the organization of systemic areas of adult education, which remains marginalized in the area throughout the system of education. The article offers in the consideration to the policy makers in adult education recommendations of foreign experts in the fi eld of adult education and the Commission of the European Union.

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